What is Early English?

The biggest problem that is encountered in teaching English in our country is that our students have to prepare for important exams that will effect their lives both in primary and high school. So, they don’t have enough time to learn English and also they don’t consider learning English important.

On the other hand, during the university education, prejudices we have beforehand make learning English more difficult than we think. It means that a seven-year-old student learns english much faster and easier than a 20-year-old student. Actually, language education is a process that is completed in primary school before the students reach puberty in other countries.

As a consequence, the earlier you learn English, the easier it becomes. This is the reason why we teach English to students from 7 to 14 years old in a setting that they don’t feel stressed and prejudiced so that they speak native-like English after this 6 years of education. By this way, we give them a language education that they will never have problems about English in their future lives.

Early English Turkey Branch Map